*Special notice, many Caribbean 2nd citizenship programs are currently running special offers until the end of the year. Contact us for more details.*

Joyful Feet Immigration/Corporate Services

Like us, you may be greatly concerned with the situation of your home country and the direction of the world. Like us, you look are looking for locations that may increase your quality of life. Your motivation could be a love for freedom, new business opportunities, retirement, or just wanting the best for you and your family. We completely understand and are ready to help. We encourage you to walk the path that is best for you, your family, or your business with Joyful Feet. Please read our business policy page before contacting us.

Panama Relocation Services

Joyful Feet is happy to announce new full service Panama relocation plans. Examples include services such as dealing with customs for importing your goods, Panama tours, Panama interpretation services, airport arrival, real estate tours and real estate lawyer services, hotel and car rental, apartment rental, bank account assistance, business formation, Panama permanent residency programs, and Panama retirement programs.

2nd Citizenship Programs

We specialize in second citizenship programs in countries such as Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Dominica, and Vanuatu through government investment programs.

Residency Programs

Most residency programs today that are offered by various countries may require starting a simple business, making an investment in real estate or bank deposit, or can be obtained through a retirement program. Economic activity of a business is not necessarily required, however, in some countries you may need to maintain the business structure until you receive permanent residency before you decide to close it. We specialize in residency programs in countries such as Panama, Latvia, Estonia, Malaysia (MM2H only), and Serbia.

Offshore Corporations

Joyful Feet can help your business incorporate in many different jurisdictions around the world. We only offer professional advice by examining your needs to find the best strategic options for your company. Unlike others, we are not in the business of trying to sell you unnecessary services. Please take a look at our offerings here Joyful Feet Offshore Corporations. For US citizens that need assistance with professional overseas tax services and to remain FBAR, FATCA, Form 5471, or Form 5472 compliant please email us directly.

Fintech Solutions

We offer IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) services and crypto currency licensing in Estonia, Gibraltar, and Malta. Contact us anytime for more information about Fintech services and solutions as we may be able to help.

Language Support

Joyful Feet can provide language support in English, Spanish (Español), Russian (русскийz), and Chinese (中文) languages. We are happy to help!

Note: If you are a citizen of a sanctioned country under OFAC, or a designated sanctioned individual please do not contact us for assistance. Please notify us in advance if you are a politically exposed person (PEP).

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