Panama Continues to Look Strong

Panama Long-Term Rating Raised To ‘BBB+‘ On Consistently Strong Economic Growth And Stable Fiscal Policy; Outlook Stable.

Panama continues a strong economic forecast and shows good future promise. We continue to remain optimistic about this country and still feel it retains the greatest overall value for what it has to offer. Such as:

-Warm weather year round, beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains. No major natural disasters.

-If you can prove you have $1000/month in pension you can qualify for the pension program so you don’t have to worry about immigration and visa’s all the time. Or you could straight out just get permanent residency that will take about 2–3 months for a very reasonable price. You can apply for citizenship in 5 years. You don’t have this option in Asian countries who are very strict with immigration.

-Panama uses the US dollar so you don’t have to deal with a potentially unstable countries currency.

-You can own land and property with no restrictions.

-Relatively safe.

-Can be very cheap if you live in a smaller town and don’t need imported goods.

-Panama does not tax your foreign earned income or online income.

-Growing economy and great future potential.

-Affordable quality healthcare and cheaper health insurance.

-Apart from Panama city it is not a very populated country and does not suffer from major pollution.

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