Business Policies

Welcome to Joyful Feet Immigration and Corporate Services

As we receive hundreds of contacts everyday we have certain policies in place to better serve our clients as follows:

Initial contact. You can contact us anytime by email or schedule a call with us. We tend to respond very quickly to emails. When sending an email, please share with us your information concerning the country your are interested in, number of applicants and ages, current nationality, your plans (business, investment, residency, or citizenship), and your timeline.

*Those with major criminal history or currently on any government watch list need not apply. Please notify us in advance if you are a PEP (politically exposed person). If you are a citizen of a sanctioned country under OFAC, or a designated sanctioned individual please do not contact us for assistance.

KYC (know your customer). After the initial contact and especially for the citizenship programs, we will send you a KYC form for you to fill out and will need the front page copy of your passport. This is standard procedure for all our of clients. Your personal data will not be shared with anyone outside of a legal warrant of what is required for your service. Your personal will not be sold. Only your basic necessary data required for our business client records is stored in an encrypted database with Veracrypt containers utilizing modern encryption algorithms. We take your privacy and security seriously.

We are not a job placement agency. Potential clients should already have a general idea of where they want to go and how they plan to support themselves in the destination country. This includes a well thought out business plan for those doing business. For all programs, it is up to the client to research if the chosen program and location is suitable for their needs as well as asking questions that may concern their particular situation that we may not be aware of. When you are ready, have accepted our quoted program price, and after an initial retainer deposit is paid, we will provide you with easy step by step instructions about the program process and all documents required from us for submission for the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

Payment process. After the initial contact, KYC/due diligence checks, and the initial agreement to the program details and prices, the payment process is as follows:

*An initial down payment is made to our main branch as a retainer to secure our companies services for your particular program.

*The remainder of the fees will be paid in steps, directly to the lawyers or government branch involved as directed throughout the process and depending on the program. (Services for opening any IBC corporation, LLC company, Non Profit Organization, or Private Interest Foundations must be paid in advance).

Refunds. The initial deposit can be partially refunded depending on the situation. This type of refund is ONLY in a case where there is a government rejection for a service without good cause and is no fault of the clients. This is very rare and usually only carries the risk to those who are citizens from nations that are viewed as restricted countries around the world.

There are to be NO refunds issued to those who have agreed to retain our services and begin a program only to have a change of mind later in the process. This is why we try to make it clear that you have a well thought through plan and decision before you begin any service. In cases where you have retained our services and find yourself needing to postpone the program for any reason you can continue the program at any point in the future as convenient to you and our lawyers. Seeking refunds as a result of payments to lawyers or for government services applied for, or provided, are completely at the discretion of the lawyer or the government body in charge. In conclusion, we only desire to provide you with the best service possible to ensure a smooth process for all programs.

To your best potential!

Joyful Feet