Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) 

Joyful Feet recommends the MM2H program as a preferred destination in SE Asia. The process is very simple. Prove 3 months of 10k RM/month income (roughly $2500 USD) and make a personal bank deposit in Malaysia of either 150k RM (roughly $37.5k USD) for ages 50 and up or 300k RM (roughly $75 USD) Part of this money can be withdrawn at a later date. This program does not include a work permit to work in Malaysia. If you are over 50 you can get special permission to work up to 20 hrs./wk in certain sectors. This program is suitable for those who are retired or location independent.


Hassle free renewable 10 year MM2H visa – Check

Allowed to own a home – Check

Warm weather year round, beautiful beaches, mountains – Check

Quality healthcare – Check

Quality education system – Check

English speaking population – Check

Lower population density – Check

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